Unexpected 2 week break

I took a break recently from my main Instagram account.  At first it was because I suspected I had been shadow-banned but once I stepped away I started feeling different. 

I felt more me. It was like something had been lifted that I didn’t realise was there. I was no longer worried about the stress of posting, “was I interesting, was my post ok”, “would people interact”, “how good was my reach”, “how many likes did I have”, “was my photo creative enough to grab peoples attention”, “did people want to talk to me”. 

Ultimately I got desperate for conversation and likes. If I got likes on a post it meant I was liked and people liked me. 

After all this concept can still be unknown territory. I have friends and a few people I know like me. It’d just be nice for it to extend to more than 2/3 you know. 

So as the end of my first week off my main account approached things started to feel a bit clearer. So I decided to continue for another week…..

I realised I was looking for something and it was more than just likes or what to post and that’s ok. 

So I didn’t just go. I took a break and waited for that something. 

Now it’s at the end of my second week and I’m ready to go back.

My head feels clearer and I’m ready to start being me. I hope that the feeling of not being desperate for likes and conversation stays with me. 

I hope that my happiness shows in my Instagram and that I start posting what I live and not what might get likes. 

I hope I have the courage to not post and take a break again when I know I need too. 

So welcome back to my blog and my Instagram.

I hope you enjoy my content. 

Much Love

Mrs Shep

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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