Valentine's Day 2019

I have never been good at buying present’s for Ste (my Hubby), in fact if I am honest he is far too nice to me after receiving some of the poxy presents I get him. He always gets me some great gifts and well I suck at present buying for him lol! He tells me I always try to hard ha ha!!
I guess it depends what your husband or boyfriends whatever is into but my husband is really into his cars and computers and well quite frankly I wouldn’t know where to begin ha ha! He has his specific things he likes for a particular part when building or re building his pc or when he is tweaking bits in his car. He is also a bit of a gadget lover and I really don’t have a clue. So short of buying him yet another mug or pint glass (and I am pretty sure he would say we have enough photos up in the house), I honestly don’t have a clue what to get him for Valentines Day!!!
If you are like me and get really stuck then my advise is to keep reading as I have put together some ideas that I have thought of or come across somewhere.
A travel mug of dreams!!!! Now if like us you travel far for work or generally in the car a lot, a coffee or tea on the go is life ha ha! M62 traffic at rush hour is an absolute nightmare! I got Ste a travel mug years ago but it doesn’t keep heat for long. The one I have though is incredible and my coffee is still hot by the time I get to the in laws house after 1.5 hours in the car. It’s a bit pricey but for a hot coffee and used regularly it is worth every penny. It’s the Trèsutopia Hekla Leak-proof Travel Mug from Amazon at £19.99.
Flowers, ok wait so flowers are usually associated with being for girls but how about making a terrarium? My hubby quite likes his various cactus he has going on and bamboo he is growing. So why not do an alternative take on flowers and make them a little (or big) terrarium?
Now me and Ste have completely different taste in music and I mean completely different, however if your tastes don’t differ too much why not create a play list on Amazon Prime Music or Spotify for them? A modern version of making a mix tape!!
You could always book a day out together where you do something exciting as a couple like one of these escape rooms, wine / beer / spirit tasting, mini golf, a concert, driving experience or even paintball if your into it!!!
There are some lovely accounts on Instagram too, people selling some lovely handcrafted gifts such as key rings, chocolate and sweet bouquets, personalised candle or even a jigsaw of the two of you. The list is endless really.
You could even stick to socks, comical boxers or making your other half a cake / cupcakes or biscuits.
Either way with a little bit of thought, no matter how much money you have to spend, there is surely a little bit of something you can get for your other half.
Much Love Emma
P.S. This post has not been sponsored by anyone and all images have been taken from Google.

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  1. Some great ideas here – especially love that Star Wars themed terrarium! I’m rubbish at presents as well – I tend to buy him some marshmallows as he loves them.

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