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Hey everyone! Welcome back, this week on my blog I have something a little different for you. It’s not something I have done before so please be kind…..

I recently bought 4 new pieces for my wardrobe and really wanted to share them, so rather than post them to instagram I decided to do a week of outfits and share them in a blog. Now I’m no fashion expert, not by miles! I’m also far from being body confident. However I figured I would have a go at something new so here we go.

Outfit 1 / Day 1

This dress is from George and whilst you can wear it with tights I have since been wearing it with leggings. I tend to be quite a clumsy person (I rip tights easily!) and also I have large thighs!!! So wearing leggings is a much safer option!!!! The boots are new, they were a Christmas gift from my Mum and I am so in love with them. The cardigan is also from George at Asda and wow is it warm!!!! It’s so good. My late Grandad used to wear woolly grey cardigans like this ALL the time! So when it came and I put it one I was instantly transported back to those good old days when he was still here.

Outfit 2 / Day 2

Now I never ever usually wear anything high neck however I really wanted something else to wear with my new boots! I’ve seen @livingthemummylife ( you can find her on Instagram ) wear something similar and she has a great classic style so I decided to give this grey smock a try and I do really like it. The high neck will take some time to get used to but other than that I love it.

Outfit 3 / Day 3

Pretty basic outfit for day 3 and generally what I would normally wear. The jeans are from next (dark wash blue denim, bootleg cut) and I usually pair with any t-shirt from my wardrobe. This top is from (surprise surprise!) George and I actually got it in two colours!!! I added the new cardigan as I was really cold. Before we move to day 4 I must apologise, you might not be able to see in this photo but certainly in the next one you can physically see the pain and exhaustion on my face. So I do apologise, however that’s just life with FND I’m afraid.

Outfit 4 / Day 4

Another basic outfit, the jumper is from Primark, I’ve had it for years. The jeans are ones as mention on outfit 3. Not much else to say about this really other than sorry for the non smiling photo!!

Outfit 5 / Day 5

Ok now don’t laugh but this whole outfit is from George at Asda!!! The shirt and jeggings are super old and the vest top was bought last summer.

Outfit 6 / Day 6

This top was also a Christmas present off my Mum and it’s from Very. I love the lace top and it made me feel a little dressy, it’s quite roomy and teamed with a pair of leggings I have to say this is the comfiest I have felt when attempted to dress up a little. We actually had a virtual wine and cheese night this night for my Father in Laws birthday, so this was perfect for dressing up yet staying super comfy at home.

Outfit 7 / Day 7

Ok prepare yourself…….this final new piece of clothing is actually from Matalan! I know can you believe I actually shop somewhere else!!!!! I’m really uncomfortable with how I look at moment (that’s not me fishing for compliments at all) and I feel ashamed to say that some of my tops are a little bit tight. So that’s why I have been after some new pieces for my wardrobe.

I really hope you enjoyed this little blog. I would love some feedback and if you would like another blog like this.

Take care and much love

Mrs Shep

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I am Mrs Shep aka Emma. Mum of boys. I suffer for FND and I also have dyslexia and dyspraxia. I chat about everything from baby loss and (sen) parenting to general life stuff. I even through in some meal ideas and recipes sometimes too!

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