Please Pick ME

Do you ever get picked? I don’t. Not really, I got picked by my husband and I would say that’s the only one I care about but it’s not true. I never got picked in school or college…..although I somehow managed to bag myself 2 amazing friends in college that I still speak to now.… Continue reading Please Pick ME

I’m back – plus an update

Hey there! How goes it? Can anyone actually believe we are in April now? I’m sure with each passing year as I get older the weeks and months just fly by faster. Anyone else feel like this? I decided recently that I wanted to get back into blogging, so before I start with various topics… Continue reading I’m back – plus an update

Christmas Planning……part 1

So as we are now in November Christmas planning is well under way in our house. I asked over on Instagram if you wanted to see how we plan for Christmas and of course you guys said yes!!! So today’s blog is about present planning for Christmas. Now usually for Christmas we totally wing it… Continue reading Christmas Planning……part 1

Get ahead meal plan…

So the summer holidays are over, a new school year is starting. Which means us as parents are trying to get organised……again!!! With uniforms to wash, bags to pack and trying to keep on top of, well life….work, home and appointments the last thing you want is to start panicking over what to have for… Continue reading Get ahead meal plan…

Summertime Fun!

My summer holiday annual treat….. So for the last few years I have decided to gather some things up ready for summer. These might be anything from  practical things like mini clip on hand gels for this year or fun things like geli baff (which we’ve never tried before and I’m honestly a little nervous!)  The… Continue reading Summertime Fun!

Simple, easy meal plan

Hey! So it’s been a while since I have shared a meal plan, however considering I haven’t been well recently (I’ve had a flare up with my FND) I thought now might be a good time to share an easy meal plan! We do try and eat healthy, however this week my main priority is… Continue reading Simple, easy meal plan

Meal Plan

Well hello there!! It’s been so long since I have written but honestly I haven’t had much to say really. As things are getting more and more back to normal, I really want to start blogging more again. So here I am!!! I am starting off easy though and starting with a meal plan. If… Continue reading Meal Plan