I wonder what it’s like…..Who would I be if….

When I found out I was dyslexic and dyspraxic I was in my early 20’s. So about  ten years ago now. Happy anniversary to me…… I certainly felt like it explained a lot that’s for sure, I always felt like struggled that bit more than everyone else. For as far back as I can remember I… Continue reading I wonder what it’s like…..Who would I be if….

Dyspraxia update

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my dyspraxia so I thought I would let you know how I’m getting on with that at the moment. The truth is even after all these years it still gets me down.i just really bloody hate it and. It’s so frustrating. I still sometimes wonder even… Continue reading Dyspraxia update

I have dyspraxia 

I’m not clumsy I have spatial awareness problems I’m not stupid my brain is wired differently I’m not forgetful my brain is in overdrive I’m not gawping I’m taking everything in I’m not shouting I just can’t define pitch or tone I’m not ignoring you there’s just too much noise I’m not scatty I just… Continue reading I have dyspraxia 

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Dyspraxic Mummy 

Being a Mummy is hard work isn’t it? Amazing and rewarding of course, but still, it’s hard work. (FYI I wouldn’t change being a Mummy I love it and I love my boys) The late nights and early mornings, disturbed sleep, the toddler tantrums, the bugs, countless nappy changes, questioning everything you do and always… Continue reading Dyspraxic Mummy 

Brain Fog

Hi All! Welome back! Sorry it’s been a while but for some reason my brain has been having what I call brain fog. That lovely thing you get with dyspraxia when you have a ton of stuff to do and sort and can’t actually think straight at all. It honestly feels like I am wandering around… Continue reading Brain Fog

Living with Dyspraxia

Believe it or not this is actually the hardest blog I have written so far. It is very difficult to explain dyspraxia to someone who doesn’t have it. It is a form of developmental co-ordination and affects fine and/or gross motor co-ordination. It can affect all sorts including speech. There is no exact cause of… Continue reading Living with Dyspraxia

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